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B/E Canada, Air Inuit, & Bombardier have partnered together to greatly improve the ability to deliver large cargo shipments to some of the most remote and inaccessible communities.

We strongly believe the best queen of the nile to do what we need it to do. When you consider the risk, it is a bold move for a cleopatra game, but we’ve proven that bold moves have paid off in the past.

Christian Busch COO Air Inuit

B/E Canada is developing the first large cargo modification kit for the Dash 8 Q300. Upon completion, this same kit will be available to other airlines all over the world. Air Inuit is the perfect first case study. By modifying their Q300’s they are achieving fleet commonality, lower operating costs, and more flights per day while adding the ability to easily transport large items and palletized shipments.

Forming a Unique
Business Partnership

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The partnership to create this innovative new product is distinctly Canadian, featuring a Canadian OEM, a Canadian carrier, and a Canadian development partner.

Air Inuit spearheaded the initiative as a means of modernizing their fleet to best serve remote communities.

B/E Canada developed and offers the large cargo door modification solution as a complete retrofit kit.

Bombardier provided engineering data and support to B/E, and will promote the cargo modification solution to Dash 8-300 operators.

The Large Cargo
Door Configurations

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The DHC-8-300 will feature a large 108″ by 68″ cargo door on the aft, left side of the plane, allowing for easy loading clear of the wings. Once the kit is fully developed, it will be available in a range of customized options.

Palletized Freighter

  • ANCRA Cargo Loading System
  • Allows for 9 pallet locations
  • Fits 46″ x 66″ pallet size
  • 1400 LB pallet payload

Bulk Load Freighter

  • 75 lbs/sq. ft. floor loading capacity
  • 1865 cubic feet of cargo volume
  • Vertical barrier nets between zones
  • Smoke detection in each cargo zone

Oversized Cargo

  • Large shipments: ATVs, generators, mining equipment, helicopter blades, etc.
  • 108″ x 68″ clear opening
  • Manual opening for remote operations

Combi Freighter

  • This is a future configuration option
  • Ability to perform combination routes of cargo and passengers

The Perfect Fit

For Air Inuit, the cargo modification kit was the perfect solution, allowing them to upgrade their fleet, while also tailoring their airline services to very specific locations and a very unique customer base.

These improvements are about more than efficient operations. The airline resembles a modern day version of the local milkman, postman, or small-town doctor of yesteryear. They transport goods, provide community services, and fly aid and nurses to remote towns without hospitals.

We can’t just be good. We’ve got to be very good because we fly the owners (the community).

Sylvain Roberts Base Manager : Air Inuit
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Air Inuit is the perfect example of how the configurable large cargo door system creates a huge opportunity for similar sized airlines. It provides flexibility, cost efficiencies, and fleet management without having to resort to additional aircraft purchases or restructuring.

Flight efficiency

Using the Dash 8-300 in place of the HS-748, Air Inuit can ship goods faster, cheaper, more reliably and more often.

Fleet Commonality

Replacing their aging HS-748 with a cargo version of their commuter planes, maintenance and pilot training are simplified across the fleet.

Appropriate design

The Dash 8-300 is very well suited for remote routes, shorter runways, and the harsh weather conditions of northern Quebec.

Welcome to

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Puvirnituq is a remote Inuit community in the Nunavik region of northern Quebec, Canada. Its population is 1,692, and can only be reached by air during the frigid winter months.

If a crate of apples has to be handled six to eight times before it arrives at the store, it gets damaged. If it’s on a palette, it only gets touched when it’s packed and unpacked.

Christian Busch COO Air Inuit

In towns like Puvirnituq, getting supplies and goods are no simple endeavor. There are no next-day deliveries. There is no free shipping. In some cases getting what you need may not even be possible. These needs are at the heart of Air Inuit’s cargo strategy, and they wear this responsibility with pride.

If you were to ask someone in Puvirnituq “What’s the hardest thing to get here?”, the answer will most likely be good, fresh food. Beyond the obvious challenges of time and cost to ship, there is also the issue of handling. Some items, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, may cost triple or quadruple what others in more urban areas pay. Larger industrial items such as ATV’s or generators only fit on aircraft that are not suited for smaller remote airstrips. In short, getting the things they need isn’t easy.

The main business of the north is mining… This could help bring giant equipment over here.

Dele Environmental work (cleaning mining sites)

The increased flexibility of the B/E cargo modification also benefits Air Inuit’s need to combine many commuter and cargo routes. Many of the smaller towns need bulk small package deliveries along with a lighter passenger payload. The ability to mix and match allows airlines like Air Inuit to make the most of their fleet and route planning.

By modifying their Dash 8’s with the larger door, this palletization is possible. This is just one example of Air Inuit’s commitment to their communities. They also feature Inuit breads based on the recipes of local women on every flight as a small touch of familiarity. They don’t simply serve customers, they are an integral part of this community.

B/E Canada:
Experience and Expertise

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Our extensive partnership with Bombardier positions us to be industry experts. Through in-depth aircraft knowledge and experience, we can optimize existing designs, create unique interior spaces, and enhance aircraft capabilities.

Engineering & Design

Interior monuments

Systems integration

Aircraft structures

Manufacture & Assembly

Metal & composite structures

Interior liners & monuments

OEM contract manufacturing

Custom operator modifications

Airworthiness Certification

Transport Canada delegates

Structures, safety and systems

Experience & Partnerships


Where Can We
Go From Here?

The Dash-8’s ability to land on shorter, unpaved runways makes it ideal for servicing smaller, remote destinations. With B/E Canada’s freighter modification kit, current operators of Dash-8 aircraft now have the opportunity to retrofit their fleet and provide more efficient cargo services for unique, far-reaching locations.

Whether the aircraft is configured for oversized bulk cargo or multiple pallets, the Dash-8 Freighter opens new doors, and gives new life to existing aircraft. Please contact for more information.

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